Devlog #9: Creature Races and Abilities, Part 2

I’m in the process of moving right now, so this will be a shorter update than normal. I’ll be sure to make up for it next time, but I hope you enjoy the three new creatures revealed here today!


Not to be mispronounced as “orphans”, Ophans are a new race of Life creatures in Siralim 2. The one pictured above is called the Irantha Ophan. As you can see, these are aesthetically much different from other Life creatures.

Ophans focus on doing interesting things with Life spells. One of these creatures enables itself and its allies to cast the Healing spell at no mana cost - even if they don’t have the Healing Spell Gem equipped. Another Ophan allows your creatures to share their equipped Life Spell Gems with each other, thereby allowing creatures from all other classes to cast Life spells as well.


Griffons are a new tribal race that belong to the Life class. This means that the more Griffons you have fighting on your side, the more powerful they’ll all become. Here’s what the Assault Griffon (pictured above) can do:

At the end of this creature’s turn, it has a 7% chance to take another turn for each Griffon fighting on your side.


Revenants are a new race that belong to the Death class. These creatures sacrifice their Health in exchange for being able to perform ultra-powerful attacks, or even to provide their allies with unique buffs and stat boosts. The fact that these creatures sacrifice their Health also means that they synergize with other creatures that rely on healing allies for their own abilities to activate.

OHHH!These are gonna be cool!
I love the griffons already!I could realy be happy just making a team with the new 6 monsters 8)

great sprite work and cool abilities!

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