Devlog: Artifacts and Artifact Realms

Interesting read, thanks.

Well, first of all: I’m not so sure about artifact slots rebalancing. Right, it’s now tailored towards making every decision matter, etc, etc…
Now, Zack. With all seriousness. Do you believe that someone will trade stat enchantment for auxiliary stuff like debuff protection now ? Given 5 slots available I will rather prefer to max main stat instead.

Some recommended solution: make stat enchantment to occupy 2 slots instead of one, so trading smart stuff for raw power gonna be somewhat fair trade.

Second: yes, percentile bonuses is a nice idea. On paper. In reality, it’s already was irritating to level up those useless new creatures. Now imagine same process without being able to compensate initial stats with artifact support.

Some recommended solution: look at cards again. “+10% or +player level * const, whatever is bigger” sounds somewhat more fair.

Third: i love idea of spell slot slot. Could also be a way to integrate back some unique spells (ones that was uncastable manually in S2), huh ?

Addednum: actually, I liked levelable artifacts a lot. Sure, it was bothersome, yet also unique enough to catch my interest. How about adding (probably in expansion) some alternative artifacts with S2-esque flat bonuses to stats and infinite leveling ? Gonna be cool, if you ask me.

Oh my gawd finally! Exactly what I wanted! A reason to actually go out and find artifacts! That was my most hated thing of siralim 1&2 was no point at all to find them unless it came with an awesome trait I couldn’t make. No more levels is great, this looks to have much more mystery involved and that’s what I enjoy the most.

The worst thing, wondering when game release I want to play this so bad lol

The worst thing, wondering when game release I want to play this so bad lol
EA was planned for March, and Zack's beta == Blizzard beta. Mostly :3.
No more levels is great.
Hey, why so much hate for equipment leveling ? You can level your partymembers in virtually any RPG (save exotic stuff like SaGa Fronter), yet equipment is a compeletely different story. AFAIR, only Arc The Lad 2 offered such system ready.

Really nice feature to keep at least on some level.

Now, that gave me some interesting and almost lorewise-fair idea.
Look. Planes we are crawling at are gods own domains, right ? So, you can except all artifacts here to be created by gods as well ! They are eternal and give their user cool percentile bonuses. Yes, everyone sure %s.

Now, atrifacts your smith can craft are somewhat less edgy. They have no godpower and rely on constant patching, rerolling stats (old-system) and, of course, leveling them up with fresh blood. Modularity for tediousness and endless improvements !

Sounds fair, no ?

Should have made wild artifacts disenchant into mats for crafted artifacts. Then I care about finding them, especially a wild one with attributes I need mats for.

Even with higher stats, I don’t think I’d use a wild artifact unless all slots rolled what I need. For example, I wouldn’t desire Int on an Attacker, so it would basically be one stat (or more) lower than what I could create.

But that’s already the case, even in S2.

I think the best option is to make every stat useful so that physical attackers can make use of Intelligence (maybe magic defense?) and casters can use Attack. Or just fuse them into Power like in The Negative :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what salvaging is for.

I guess he asked for disenchanting slot to give back some crafting materials.