Devlog: Avatars of the Gods

Looks awesome. This seems like an awesome end game system, especially if you are able to make most of the Avatars useful (in the right kind of party).

Also, I understand why you don’t allow Avatar charms, but you have to admit it would be awesome to save up a ton of Cores and then fill a map work wandering Torun Avatars!!!

So S3 is basically the best game ever now. When for the love of God can you take my moneies!?!?!

Yeah, I see how Zack’s unwillingness to take your money is a problem. Fortunately, I have a solution!!

I am willing to take all of your money for the time being. Just send me as much money as you have available (the more the better!), and I will make sure that it gets to Zack as soon as he’s ready to handle the incoming funds :->

I’m torn here a bit. Frome mechanical POV those new system is awesome: simple and clean.
And, you you mentioned word ‘roleplay’… So, mighty avatar is simply a god-granted creature like Shade or Yeti now.
Not some otherworldy entity that can only be projected for limited presence. Not something entirelly different from slimes and skeletons. Just a crit.

…How those things ever deserve to be called “gods”, seriously ?
They have no portfolio, no followers, no actual power over prime material plane.