Devlog: Breeding!

Will there be breeding formulas involving the nether-only expansion races such as centaurs, nixes, etc.?

Yes, those all have recipes and now they’re just considered normal creatures.

Tags. The only thing that got me really excited is tags.
Just because it’s an awesome idea I was going to propose about a week ago, yet just gave up because tagging each creature would require too much work.

Spells that interacts with creature tags ? Traits ? May be artifacts that only burning critters or giants can wield ?
Yes and more !

…Everything else is just, well, Siralim 3.

would be great to have spells that have certain effects vs certain creature tags. think of advanced interactions like nethack or divinity series. ( rain extinguishes burn ect)

I mentioned the tags to show everyone how I programmed the breeding recipes. You won’t actually see the tags - they’re just something internal. I don’t want to have such specific traits or spells because no one would ever use them. Most people already skip over class-specific traits (like Devils).

Mostly because they are about your enemies (which you can’t control), not your own team.
Of course, Scourge %X only works for about 1/5 of enemies, so it’s not as usable as generic damaging spells.

Now, say… trait that gives all flaming creatures on your team ability to apply Burn on attack and/or being attacked- sounds way better. Limited but awesome enough to consider: I will probably make phoenixi+efreets team just for that.

I really liked Siralim2 and am excited for this. I have some thoughts if you’d like:

When you finish breeding, you’ll be given an egg, and the parents will disappear forever.

I know a lot of breeding games do this, and it makes sense - why use the parents if the child is superior to both? But, thematically, it’s weird that the parents just up and leave. A suggestion I would like to throw is renaming “Breeding” to “Fusion”. Thus it makes Thematic sense why the parents disappear forever and child inherits all the traits.

This means that, other than the loss of the two creatures used, breeding is completely free of charge.

I really like the change here. It’s fun to get a new monster instantly and go wild with the experimentation, and one thing I disliked in Siralim2 was how long I had to wait to recover resources between fuses. How long does it take the egg to hatch though? Will it be like 5-10 battles?

Siralim 3

Small aside, but in S2, the distance walking down to the breeding place was a bit annoying, lengthwise. Please consider making it shorter. (I know you have early fast walk but its still unnecessarily long in my opinion)

Great Devlog!

I really, really wanted to like Gene Strength in Siralim 2, but ultimately it never felt cool/fun for me … no matter how much I wanted it to.

Very excited about having more breeding recipes available in Siralim 2. Also, the algorithm you sketch out for automatically generating breeding recipes sounds awesome!