Devlog: Chaos Mage Perks Revealed

Definitely my favorite set of perks revealed so far!

As compared to Siralim 2, I really like how self-coherent each set of class perks is. Lending this kind of clear identity to the classes is a huge step forward. (Also, I have always had an irrational attraction to attacking-based teams)

My only concern is Chaos Magic. In S2, there were many spells that were detrimental or highly situational. For instance, casting Dark Ritual or Flame Lash can mean the battle is lost.

It’s one of the reasons Wolpertingers weren’t used.

There aren’t any spells that are detrimental to your creatures in any way in Siralim 3. All drawbacks were removed.

Good news!

What about spells like Divinity, Ascension, or Chaos Rift? The trait spells can cause issues with Leper traits, for instance.

Chaos sounds exactly like my style of play. Attack attack ATTACK! And once in a while cast a spell. Can’t wait!

The Perks are mostly fine. However, there is no compelling reason to pick Critical Damage over Attack Damage. Sure, you can always pick both later on, but the elegance of choice feels lost with similar feeling perks. I suggest changing Critical Damage to something more interesting. One example:

Brutal Attack: When your creatures hit with a critical attack, they immediately attack again. The extra attack can’t Critical.