Devlog: Goodbye Otherworldly Sigils, Hello Tavern Brawls!

Sounds super fun. I’d love to be able to add a custom message to my teams, but like you said some ass will ruin it for the rest probably.

Very excited about Tavern Brawls!

I think it would be incredibly cool to let players write a line of dialog … but there are idiots on the Internet who pee who the public pool, and that’s why we can’t all have nice things

As long as you keep the rest of the cool stuff related to Sigil Realms, I won’t miss Otherworldly Sigils!
(Thank you for not putting in features that aren’t fun just because you spent time designing them … )

If you want people to create their own messages, but don’t want people ruining it for others, maybe make a list of words people can use?

Something like what Pokemon did in the third generation for the interviews that went on the TVs, don’t know how to describe it that well.

There may still be bad eggs, but I doubt as many as letting people make their own catchphrases without limitations.

So homebase fights now gonna take place at tavern rather than Arena ? Despite being more sporty and competitive ?
Oh, and also: why remove rune effects ? They always was a major tactics provider.

The tavern brawls replace the pvp sigils, not the Arena. And the Runes are only disabled for tavern brawls, not the rest of the game.

Runes should be part of the tavern brawls agreed.

That would add too much tedium to the fights. The only way to make it fair in that scenario would be to show you what runes each enemy has, and then you’d have to plan around those as well.

Certain systems would simply work poorly if enemies had them as well. Runes and class perks are great examples of that.

So how about a death mage invested in Saia? While most teams are built around their master’s perks, a few will be completely dependent on them.

You’ll have to make a different team for tavern brawls anyway, no matter what kind of mage you are, since you’ll have to counter the most commonly used traits.

And the Runes are only disabled for tavern brawls, not the rest of the game.
Correct. And that was rather ironical, 'cause rest of the game (90% of it, OK) [i]by design[/i] requires much more generic tactic than fighting other players. Though, of curse, less customization == better balance, if word "balance" was ever applicable to Siralim series.
The tavern brawls replace the pvp sigils, not the Arena.
No one cares about pvp sigils, that mechanic didn't even made it into playable alpha. I'm talking [b]in-castle[/b] encounters taking place somewhere outside of Arena.

I’m gonna copy pasta part of my response on the website here.

I have to admit, I am a bit sad about the otherworldly sigils, my friends and I were looking forward to challenging each other’s party’s and seeing how it went, at full power so to speak. I hope something like it can still make it into the game, as a bit of friendly PvP is fun for us.

Now, with that out of the way, I’m a bit curious for more information on tavern brawls like everyone else is. And I realize I’m in the minority here perhaps, but I’d really like to see some form of “found” PvP, like I can put in a code, or my buddy can and our monsters can battle one another, even if it’s like the DQM games and stuff where we don’t give commands and the AI just hamfists it for us. But we’re also all highly competitive people and most of the games we have/own that have serious time invested are in the vein of competitive games, so I can certainly understand that we are the minority, regardless I’ll grab the game as soon as I can cause I think it’s brilliant and I’m a massive fan of the DQM series and this is way better. :slight_smile:


That’s very likely to happen, but I can’t promise anything yet.

[quote=“Zack, post:13, topic:3776”]

That’s very likely to happen, but I can’t promise anything yet.[/quote]

Sounds good to me mate, utlimately it’s whatever you think fits the game best. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed both of the first games, but my enjoyment is primarily solo. This seems like a really cool feature, but I really hope the “exclusive” spells aren’t strong enough to compete with others for typical PvE gameplay. I might sound like a buzzkill, but daily events are tedious to me and PvP isn’t my thing.