Devlog: Knowledge

Mixed feelings about this one, actually. Of course, there is never enough…

lore basic idea is good. But damage bonus and reduction ? This makes S3 less and less about monsters teams fighting, being centered around different pre-battle preparations, unavailable to your enemies.

So it’s not “tactics vs tactics”, it’s “bonuses vs sheer numbers” even more than before.

Alternative solution: make more info (card bonuses, breeding) etc available on diffrenet levels.
Make detailed equipment viewable on mid knowledge.
Make to it possible to loot spell gems and equipped artifact on top knowledge level.

I really like the idea of being able to gain a modest bonus to the drop a particular card by killing a lot of that monster.

The health bar is great! Will there be a possible way to see the actual number through some kind of other means? Perk? Have it displayed when targeting a creature in the above text. Siralim 1 was able to do this I believe.

Hm… Now granted card drop on S sounds like an awesome idea for me.

I’m just gonna throw some math out there for reference regarding the damage bonus / reduction.

Assume I have rank D knowledge of Iron Golems, and thus get a 30% damage bonus / reduction whilst battling Iron Golems. My favorite Iron Golem battles another Iron Golem with equal stats. They both have 1,000 health and an attack that would normally do 500 damage to the opposing Golem.

With my Golem’s 30% damage bonus, its attack does 650 damage.

With the enemy Golem’s 30% damage reduction, its attack does 350 damage.

My Golem’s attack does just over 85% more damage. That’s huge!

If the bonuses were 15% damage bonus / reduction, my Golem would deal 575 damage, and the enemy Golem would deal 425.

In this case, my Golem’s attack does just over 35% more damage. Still a sizable advantage.

I’m not saying the bonuses should be reduced, since I have no idea how it’ll fit in to the big picture. Also, getting myself nerfed would feel wrong. I just wanna point out just how much of an advantage the bonuses provide together in a vacuum, so to speak.

It would take, what, more than 80,000 kills to have rank D knowledge on every enemy? And 800,000 for rank S? (For further reference, my ~250 hours in Siralim 2 says I have 32,000 kills, but I leave games running a lot). Looking at it that way, big bonuses seem justified.

I’m about to be really, really smart. ;D

Well… If bonuses are imminent (it’s S3 after all), something in card range, like 5% should be max there.
Or only limited amount of bonuses should be active at time. +/- 30% without any tradeoffs are plain insanity.

I’m honestly a bit flumoxed by this feature. The singlemost common complaint about Siralim 1-2 was that combat very, very, very quickly turned into a 1-shot fest and that the main focus of the game, that being combat, became incredibly dull as a result hereof. Now, the sensible choice to combat the issue of “lol yur ded-ery” would obviously be to lower damage across the bord and bring out the big-time nerfbat; which very much seems to indeed be the case for creature traits, spells and damage alike - great!

So… why introduce what I can only refer to as a non-mechanic, which actively runs in the face of all that delicious nerfing and rebalancing?

I like the lore tidbits, because they are cool, but I just… don’t… get it.

Might I request that said bonuses be either toned down something fierce (I mean, 30% bonus damage? Seriously?), be made optional or have some sort of cost associated with them?

EDIT: I believe it bears to mention that I’ve never been a fan of the card mechanic either, although they were/are fun to collect. I prefer for progress to be based upon how the player opts to build their character and creatures, as oppossed to recieving external buffs that the AI dosen’t have access to.