Devlog: Nature Mage Perks Revealed

Hybridization seems like it would be redundant now that we have Purebred, as it gets a lower bonus (there are 5 classes, but Purebred gets 6 creatures), and Purebred stacks with Sphinx traits.

I would change its bonuses to something like Extra Class Advantage Damage, Extra Class Advantage Damage Reduction, Dodge, Reduced Enemy Dodge

That way it gives an alternate set of advantages.

Also, Lone Wolf and Saia create an interesting problem for the Nature and Death classes.

Since Nether Creatures and Saia don’t have a level cap, a Lone Wolf user (assuming something like Narcissism is in the game, which would be logical considering you kept the perk) and a typical Death Mage summoner with just a Nether Creature and Saia can completely ignore the breeding system other than unlocking new creatures.

Nature is my class in S2. I enjoy the dodging and extra damage based on speed. I don’t see much difference I don’t think I’m class perks from S2. However that dodge and counter looks amazing! nature is currently my choice for S3

These Perks are interesting. The traits seem to cater to different styles of play. I don’t think they need any changes.

Steam page is up awesome!!