Devlog: Singular Creatures

Awesome system, this is another winner. One thing I don’t understand is this part though:

***Breeding With Singular Creatures
When you breed two creatures together, the offspring will always be Singular if:

The first parent you chose is Singular, AND
The offspring is the same creature as the first parent***

If gene strength is removed, why would we want to breed our singular creatures into lower level versions of themselves? Why would there even be breeding recipes that produce duplicate critters?? I thought those would be removed with gene strength?

To increase their level cap!

I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 months since I wrote about breeding, but here’s the full post in case you missed it:

Creatures now have a level cap which can be raised indefinitely by breeding.

Ahh I see. Thankfully this is an option we can turn off, good deal :slight_smile: It would be kind of nice if turning off the level cap option prevented you from finding the duplicate breeding recipes, but meh that’s no big deal.

I want to play this game so bad right now. I have a month long trip to vegas for work and Im hoping against hope the early access will be out so I can dump tons of hours into it.


I might be misunderstanding your post, but you could never find duplicate breeding recipes. The recipes you find are unique until you find all of them, and then they just don’t drop anymore.

Yeah just ignore me, I shouldn’t post before coffee hehe. Also give me beta access for my vegas trip!!