Devlog: Spell Gems

Hey, Zack, you said that you rebelanced creatures to be less oneshotty against opponents, but that leaves some questions. Will you change the Carnage traits? They rely on killing enemies with (prefferably) one go, AKA chain kill. With creatures dealing much less damage than before, how will it affect creature traits?

I think those traits will still be fine. Some were buffed anyway (about 60-70% of all traits were re-balanced or changed entirely from Siralim 2). There’s not some hard cap on damage or anything like that - it’s just not going to so easily be some mindless one-shot fest like it eventually becomes in Siralim 2.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the Spell Gems system worked in Siralim 2.
Hm, me too. With some fixing for autocasts to be on/off triggerable [b]and[/b] mana costy... It could've been my ideal for dungeon crawler.

So well, let’s see what it suffered for S3 transition:

% Chance to Attack
Almost too cool to be true for Thrasher Fiend with Double Take and Multistrike.
% Chance to Provoke
TODO: remove ASAP from all spellgems I gonna find. Sure Steadfast Resilience. But still.
% Chance to Defend
Interesting attempt to make Nutrient Blood useful.
Class Swap
Goodbye damagetypes balancing for different classes.
% of Potency is Based On Current Health
Why can't it be just a perk... or trait... or Talisman... or something ?
Traitfuel as well, yet could be usable.
Yep, sure enemy teams gonna have limited spellgems supply like you, right ? RIGHT ? (no)
In addition, damage dealt by creatures has been decreased across the board – not just for spells, but for attacks and other effects as well. It will now be much more difficult for creatures to one-shot each other, which will hopefully compel players to be more thoughtful about which actions they choose.
Now here I agree completely. That being said... how about returning some OHKO abilities from S1, since normal attacks behaves somewhat different now ?

Thought about spellclass switching a little more. I guess, it could work, yet some twist is need.
My propose is following: corresponding modifier should be parasitic (like I already proposed in my thread).

So, switched spell either costs 25% more, be 1/4 less effective or have some chance to fizzle at cast.
Now, monsters and damage classes will be somewhat more pronounced again.

Btw: separate mechanics for adding and removing parasitic mods gonna be nice as well. Really nice things should always come with a price, somewhat akin to curses.

Swapped class gems already cost a lot more mana - all gem properties increase mana cost, actually.

Sounds nice, finally. Manacost is only possible drawback so far ?