Devlog: Talismans

Very cool! It looks a lot like Diablo 3’s legendary gem / greater rift system, which is awesome, because I think it’s a great system.

Would it be worth considering adding a single chance for an upgrade for beating an Itherian realm that isn’t the highest I’ve achieved? That way I could slowly upgrade other talismans while saving the chances I get from going to new depths for my “main” talisman. I think it would still encourage going deeper, since the chance would be lower and lower as the talismans got higher in level.

Of course, they seem very powerful, and giving too many chances to upgrade them might be bad. Also, rune dust seems like it might cover the same thing, but I’m just throwing things out there since I have no idea how much rune dust I’ll have filling up my pockets.

The three you showed were so exciting, I can’t wait to see the rest!


The game can never have too many progression mechanics! :->

The fact that this is non-combat bonuses is actually really cool.

Maybe a game-modifying artifact that you equip on your character? With a boon and a woe?
A possible example:

Armor of the brave

Boon: At the start of battle, one of your creatures is automatically placed at the top of the action queue.
Woe: Enemy [overworld]creatures move faster.

So, lootable perks now ? Well, more progression == better, I guess.

I’d have prefered some these to be class traits myself, but whatever. At least they seemingly don’t affect combat.