Diabloic Intruder Major Sigil

Hi, I have the major sigil of Sud, which is the diabolic intruder. I’ve fought it 5 times (realm levels 10-13, with whoracle) but it never dropped its legendary crafting material. My question is - does it drop it at all? I’ve gotten 2 different legendary crafting materials and the most recent time I got demon dust (is that very rare?), but never its actual ability mat. Since it’s so hard to come by the sigil, I’ve keep restarting in hopes of getting the creature’s actual material, but this never happened with any other sigil before so I don’t know whether its even possible to get its specific mat. Does anyone have experience with this?

There are a few creatures that do not have corresponding legendary crafting materials, and in that case, you’re awarded with a random legendary material from that creature’s Major Sigil instead. The Diabolic Intruder falls into this category.