Diabolic Horde Questions

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I am playing around with teams at the moment and am thinking of creating a diabolic horde… well, horde. Which may be fun to throw around with for a bit.

I have a couple of questions which I have not been able to find the answer to anywhere.

[ol][li]If you have the Diabolic Link trait (Your Diabolic Horde share their base Maximum Health with each other, and deal 40% less damage.), do heals to one of the horde affect all of them? Would your answer be different if you were overhealing through the life mage perk? [/li]

[li]What is the situation where their stats are increased during battle. For example you increase one of the horde Defence by 100 and you have the Diabolic Watcher increasing Defense by 10% per horde member. Let us say for the sake of simple maths, the base Defence stat is 100 as well and there is a single horde member.

Does this mean in reality the horde member’s Defence increases by 110?, or by 120 (so 100 base, plus 100 = 200 and 10% of this is 20)? Or is it not taken into account at all and goes up by 100 alone?

Hope that question made sense, maths is not my strong point unfortunately!

Thanks in advance for any responses to the above.

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  1. Diabolic Link will give each of your creatures the sum of health of your creatures. so basically Health times 6. Downside is your outgoing damage gets reduced to 60%. The health during the battle is not linked. Each horde creature has its own health pool.

  2. Stat increases during battle are always based on the current stat the creature has. If you have a Diabolic Spectator defense of 100 before the battle it will be 110 when the battle starts. Example:
    Your Diabolic Spectator has 100 defense from stats and its artifact. There is also a Planetary Amaranth in the party (+30% defense) and a Bastion (30% defense when provoking)
    Battle Starts.
    Spectators defense (100) is increased by 10% due to Diabolic Resilience to 110
    Spectators defense (110) is increased by 30% due to Jailbreak to 143 (the order for Diabolic Resilience and Jailbreak is not important. Applying them in reverse order would amount to the same 143 defense)
    During battle your Bastion provokes
    Spectators defense (143) is increased by 30% due to Congregation to 185.9

Excellent! Thank you very much for that detailed explanation.

Clears it up nicely for me.

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