Diabolic Horde

I have a Diabolic Horde team I started the other day and it’s pretty ridiculous how high you can get the hp and the stats that brings with certain enchants. The team is about level 140 right now and I’m on realm 58.

I have five watchers with anomaly, frostfire, undone, strife and refraction. I have the defense boosting horde guy with everything’s gone. If the one with refraction gets hit he clobbers the whole enemy group for almost 5-6k more with the less hp he has.

I was curious if there are some other enchants I should keep an eye out for that might work good with the setup. The major thing I notice right now is when I go against a nether or if they boost their defense I have trouble damaging them if strife doesn’t go off. Another recommendation I would like is any legendary mats that go off of straight stats. I’m hoping to find a resin but so far no dice.

Any other advice would also be appreciated.

Currently trying to make a nether watcher. Thinking about using a ruby orb with 32 gems and 10 activations. Just taking forever to get the gems to level 10. Found three demon dusts so far. Hoping I can make it soonish. Any advice on if I should just do all hp or should I put a couple of other gems in there like diamond?

Ugh. Doesn’t look like resin works with frostfire either. That coupled with anything that disarms or if one of the ones holding frostfire or undone dies I don’t get the buffs back until the next round; It is seriously making me rethink this setup.

A couple things that could help you:

Anomaly: The only health-scaling damage effect in the game now IIRC, jumps to another enemy and deals 50% of your current HP to them, then has another 50% chance to bounce each time. This works beautifully on racial teams like Watchmen or Raving Clouds - when your HP is high, you get powerful Anomalies, and when it’s low, Frostfire and Undone are boosting you.

Crux: Found on the Diabolic Nemesis, this gives all your Hordes Link, which does nasty things to your opponent’s ability to damage you. Preserves Anomaly strength as well.

Lucid Dream: Reduces damage taken by 50% and damage dealt by 30%, as well as making you effectively immune to Sleep. Halving the damage you take is a huge drop and tilts things even more in your Anomalies’ direction.

I would go for a Watchmen team set up like this:

DW (Undone) / DW (Frostfire) / DW (Lucid Dream)
DW (Anomaly) / DW (Crux) / DW (Anomaly)

That gives you two steady sources of spread damage, an enomous amount of damage reduction, and a generally effective team.

EDIT: Also, yeah, always pump all your stats into your focused stat. Here that’s health, so go full Ruby.

Yeah I ended up making two nether watchmen and the dust took on both of them. The stronger one I made first from a 32/10 orb and his skill is anomaly with strife on the artifact and chance to splash. The second one was only a 29/9 and has refraction as his demon skill and anomaly on the artifact.

It’s pretty funny that using the gargoyle and a defensive horde guy his hp is a little over 100k right now. I’m doing pretty well and pushing into the 80s now on realm level and have gotten to 41 on my arena streak before I decide its too much of a risk.