Diamond Attunement description (and another small thing))

I think you should rename the Diamond Attunement ability. Currently, it says:

Your creatures that are a lower level than your character gain 200% more experience points at the end of battle. Ability can only activate once per battle.
But I've found that it only works if the creature wearing the artifact on which the ability is inscribed is still alive (haven't tested it with a Diamond Paragon) at the end of battle. I think you should add "If this creature is still alive at the end of battle," like for the Nightwing Gargoyle. Also, I don't really understand the last part. Does it mean that the ability is not stackable? If so, I think it would be clearer if it said "Ability does not stack." like for the (again) Nightwing Gargoyle. But it's present on many (read: two, maybe more) creatures, so I don't know.

Also, there’s a typo if you try to provoke while being Buzzed: it says something like “This creature cannot provoke because it is too buzzed too obey.”
Not much, but since it’s kind of similar to the above, I figured I’d say it.