Diamond Attunement

According to it’s description the trait should prevent artifacts from being decayed and spells from being sealed.
In my experience it only prevents spells from being sealed.
Spells like lycanthropy don’t get sealed after use, so I can confirm that that part of the trait is working properly.

But it neither prevents the decay spell nor the subversion and crumble traits from working as they would without diamond attunement.
I’ve tested this with a diamond paragon as well as with an artifact with the diamond attunement trait.
In tried various scenarios and came to the conclusion that diamond attunement does not prevent decay in any way and it’s not just a visual bug, as all effects of the affected artifact are lost.

I hope to have described the issue in an understandable manner and I’d be happy if you could clarify if this is intended or a bug.

Many thanks.

Seems like it’s working correctly. What makes you think it’s not?

“Artifacts are never decayed, and Spell Gems are never sealed.”

I might be misunderstanding the description but as I understood this description it should prevent artifacts from being decayed through any means.
In my experience this is not the case.

If I’m misunderstanding this I’m sorry for taking up your time, but I’d appreciate it if you could explain how the description is to be understood.

Your understanding is correct. It won’t prevent floating text from appearing that says “Decayed” in battle, though. It will just constantly cycle through your creature’s artifacts and remove the “decayed” flag.

Then maybe it’s a loophole in the design that causes the problems I’m experiencing.
For example an artifact with immunity to silence is decayed and as long as it’s cast in the same turn the creature can be inflicted with silence(for example with verdant spheres), which probably is the case because diamond attunement doesn’t restore the artifact until the turn is over I assume.

If this is the intended way for the trait to work, which gives it an weakness to be exploited(in tavern brawls for example) then I think I’ve understood it.
If it’s not I’d be happy if it could be fixed in the future.

Either way,
thank you very much for your response.