Diamond Paragon Questions

Will it take away a nether creature’s additional traits?

And what happens if you put the Diamond Pragon material on an artifact?

[quote=“TrashT, post:1, topic:4430”]Will it take away a nether creature’s additional traits?

And what happens if you put the Diamond Pragon material on an artifact?[/quote]
It removes all 1st-level traits. Nether creatures’ 2nd, 3rd, and 4th traits are retained, along with it’s artifact trait.

If you put it on an artifact, you can equip it to any creature, and all 1st-level traits are removed. Artifact traits are retained.

OK thanks, that kinda tells me what I wanted to know, but might I ask about those levels? I never heard of a “level 1 trait”. Can maybe someone explain this trait level system please? :slight_smile:

The first trait on your creature. The innate trait.

Oh wow I thought it actually removed NON-innate. Well that clears everything right up then :slight_smile: thx guys

Hmm, you sure Nether Creatures keep their traits #2-#4? I think the additional Charge trait on the Nether Creature didn’t work when I was fighting a Diamond Paragon…

The info in this thread is outdated. Diamond Attunement was changed to disable non-innate traits instead of innate traits on July 26th.

OK, but then we are back to my original question:

What happens if you equip an Artifact with this trait?

I just tested it.

Death Mage with Saia + Daybreaker and Nighttaker
One of my creature wore a Ribbon with Diamond Attunement:

- Artifact Traits are not affected and work as intended

  • Daybreaker and Nighttaker did not work

So Diamond Attunement seems to deactivate all non Artifact and non-innate traits

2nd Test- CJ with 3 Extra Traits
Now here is an interesting fact:

Diamond Attunement deactivated all enemies’s extra traits - I still got the bonus but the enemy had no advantage >>> awesome

TrashT’s post below me is correct. Also all other artifact traits get deactivated

Hmm, I could swear I tested it and found that it deactivates artifact traits also :frowning: so I just put Diamond Attunement on everyone… Would be cool to fit in some extra traits :slight_smile:

And yeah, CJ extra traits basically just gives you free extra loot :slight_smile:

yeah your are right, I had a lot of passives so I got the wrong idea.

However, now we have to test artifact traits that work at start of the battle or before battle, i .e Mauler Fiend’s Eyesore

So Diamond Paragon just got changed to only disable Artifact traits.

This is a buff for anyone using a Nether Creature, since their additional traits will now remain active. You just unfortunately cannot cheese the CJ traits anymore.

All in all, it is a nice change though. It was quite the constrain to build teams with just six traits (plus Diamond Attunement) and not really elegant to REDUCE THE CHANCE of mean traits ruining your day. Better to try to build a team that can just handle anything :wink: