Did I or didn't I? Achievements vs Anointments

iOS, version 1.0.6, XR

My iPhone froze while in low power mode, I’m not fussed about that because the game is a bit heavy for my phone. This was right after defeating my first False God and leaving the part of the level he was in, I foolishly went to grab a few more chests before bailing on the level and that’s when the crash got me.

What is weird is that when I opened the game back up I had earned the achievement for defeating Loid Prime I and the Chaos Guild no longer had me having an open bounty on him, but I did not get to keep the Anointment I had earned through the process (as it would have been my first, my Anointments page continues to say I haven’t unlocked any) or any of the guild credit I earned on the level. I would prefer to have it either forget the whole thing (so the bounty would still be open and not require a huge bucket of materials to initiate again) or, ideally, remember the whole thing (so I would have the Anointment and treasure earned).