Did you mean to change this? Dumpling/Treasure Golem

  • FIX: Prophecies and achievements for killing a Dumpling or Treasure Golem activated even if these creatures fled from battle.

I read this in the last update patch 0.7.0 from what I remember you had changed it to just meeting the Dumplings or Treasure Golem you didn’t have to kill them. Are you changing it back or did you mean to change this?

Yeah, I’m confused about this as well, it still just says to encounter one, but it seems like it got changed back to needing kills?

Or maybe it still triggers if you forfeit?

I liked still trying to kill them and even if I can’t with my sub-optimal teams still having it count, but I guess with it being reverted/changed again I might just need to forfeit them now to be safe, haha.

Not sure why I changed this to begin with - I’ll have this fixed in the next patch!

It can’t be said enough thank you for all you do.

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