Didn't receive a golden ticket

I haven’t played for awhile. I saw the patch notes mentioned that the sigil tasks got reduced difficulty which is good because I have an 8+ task and I can barely beat 4’s right now. However, I didn’t receive a golden ticket. This is on Windows.

Maybe I didn’t get a ticket because I loaded into the game at version 2.3.1 after a long time and missed the patch where you get the ticket?
How do I acquire tickets otherwise?

You’ll only get it if you were affected by the bug, and sigil tasks are supposed to be able to roll between levels 1 and 10 so it doesn’t seem you were affected by it.

Ah, the way I read the patch note was that the sigil challenges were rolling too high of a minimum level in some cases. I figured I was that case because I currently have no hope of beating an 8+.