Different Behavior With False Swipe Hits On Dead Enemies Post-Patch

My team uses false swipes x3 to activate Unicorn Stormbringer’s trait over and over. Pre-patch, I was used to hitting dead enemy spots over and over because of the way Siralim calculates everything at the start. But I’m pretty sure when those spots were hit with fury swipes, that they didn’t add stats to my team. I remember checking my stats afterward and sometimes when I was unlucky and hit many dead spots, my stats wouldn’t have increased much. But strangely, I do remember it triggering with another creature’s manual attacks.But now, with the new patch, I’m getting stat gains with every fury swipes attack even if it’s on a dead enemy. I’m unsure if this is a new bug, or a previous bug that’s been fixed, but I’m pretty sure it’s different now.