Difficulty Settings

I don’t know if this is feasible to add at this point in development, but something that I think the game could use to help make it both enjoyable for Siralim veterans as well as new players would be a difficulty setting option. With Siralim 2, players who were used to the series and knew how to game it had too easy of a time, while people who were new to the games would struggle the entire way through the game. In this case, balance changes are bound to make someone unhappy. Adding a mode where boss abilities become more complex (similar to how they worked in the Nether realms) and possibly things like level limitations based on your realm depth called Expert or Veteran Mode would be cool. This would only apply to the main story - once you’re done with that, you should be expected to know what you’re doing (and there may be multiplayer or leaderboard mechanics, or things like Daily Realms that wouldn’t be balanced with multiple difficulty modes).

I love the level cap idea for the story, to ensure we can’t just grind enough to ignore their mechanics. Though we probably can’t anyway (realistically at least), since we won’t be able to go to the next floor until we beat them.

Guess what ? It sounds exactly like new punishment for Altar of Blood.

Actually, I will love enemy teams wielding runes and actually level-appropriate artifacts (with synergies), as well as pre-constructed spellgem sets, though it could be much too hardcore for average player.

As for grinding… well… Is it only me, or beating lower level enemies should grant much less XP than it does now ? Down to 1, I guess.

I would like to add a small addendum to this idea - I’m very much against adding a level limit that is -not- optional, and having experience drop to 1 eventually pretty much functions as that, as well. Siralim is meant to appeal to both power strategy gamers and people who just like to grind, so at least on a regular difficulty, you should be able to grind freely. It would work great in a hard mode, however :slight_smile:

Also, the Altar of Blood has been removed, from what I know, so it would need to be a starting-game mode of some sort. Or a new game + option, but I don’t think you should have to play through the game if it’s easy for you just to play it for “real” :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree sometimes things were too easy , when enemy teams had off stat ( or bad traits/artifacts) or off creature stat rolls on their artifact. would be cool to ‘tag’ certain artifact setups for ‘physical dps’ creatures, ect that way certain creatures actually get their strengths buffed properly.
because sometimes you would grind a whole level with no issue, until a crazy trait+artifact+creature setup appeared and rolled you. i think things should be consistently hard.