[Discussion] Endless Setups

Endless/Psuedo endless setups are both fun to discuss and good for Zack to know about when it comes to nerfing/buffing, so lets toss our favorites out there.

[size=14pt]Hail to the King, baby!
This setup requires some small amount of luck in terms of not facing Topaz Paragons(which can be played around if you were to optimize it), but is still quite consistant and honestly wrecks face while being kinda hilariously… weird. Running no perfect tank, or any tank at all for that matter.

You require the following:

Chaos Mage with maxed Sadistic Pleasure (and possibly a non-0 amount of bonus creature damage, have not tried without it)

Lich King with Midnight Feast
This is your powerhouse and the reason you can actually wreck face with this setup. It has to be top left in the setup and it has to be rather slow. It should get to attack 5-6 times in a row, depending on whether you run calamity or not, and clean house.

Topaz Paragon with Crawl Through Knives
This just really needs the Topaz Paragon ability. The Crawl Through knives is something I’m unsure is required at all but it kinda fits the swing or miss flavor of the setup. It should be your fastest creature so that it can cast Mass Dispel in case you face molten armor / Shell

Blood Hound with Wolf Ability - Permanence
This guy has to be faster than your Lich King. The damage it deals is rather irrelevant as it’s mostly there to be a buffbot, however it’s not rare for it to simply kill something outright even at realm 250+ due to how 4 direwolves deal tons and tons of damage.

Hell Hound with Misconception
Another buffbot really. Is basically only there to make those companions wreck face.

Raven Acolyte with Colony
Mooore buffstacking. The health reduction to 65% is rather important, so I don’t know if you can cut it. Colony is mostly for flavor though.

Any All-Emerald Nether with Calamity
Basically interchangable with a Cradle Pegasus, but more flavor! :smiley:

It’s a team that either wins before the enemies can move or dies trying. It runs 1 Nether and 0 Nether Demons so it’s rather easy to set up and run, aswell.

This setup is however not as good as it could be. If you want it as good as possible (ignoring flavor) you don’t even need the Lich King. Slap Midnight Feast on your Blood Hound instead as it generally 1shots anything aswell and add in a pegasus with cradle instead of Lich King. Cut the calamity for a Vulcanic Efreet with Eternal Rest and you don’t lose to enemy calamity or burn, either.

Editing in more after dinner.