[Discussion] Oneshot comboes

While I’m not super experienced yet, I’ve been enjoying the game fully for around 60 hours since last friday. I’ve been grinding up quite easily using Viper Occultists and Unguided entity. I’ve gotten to a point where I am beating monsters way stronger than I feel I should just oneshotting them with my Viper.
Are oneshot comboes something you utilize? Do you see them as healthy or unhealthy for the game? What is Thylacine’s thoughts on them?

I’m currently experimenting with this oneshot setup:

Viper occultist - unguided entity
Nether Viper occultist (all Emerald, around 15k attack) - Calamity
Topaz Paragon - Stonebark Whetstone
Nether Stronghold - Toxic Thorns
Diamond Paragon - A little piece of hell (Leveling up nethers atm, this spot is basically interchangable)
Witch Doctor Sacrificer - Pandemonium Protection

I’ve gone from having issues at level 25-30ish to basically oneshotting my way up to 80 with this setup and it doesn’t seem to slow down.

To get the good items you need to go deep, so we work out what team synergies we can for the job. That’s a nice build, though it’ll definitely fall off as you get further. My spider Occultist one shots things really deep into levels, but eventually it gets beat out.
My question is how far have you gotten with it now? If you’ve gone past about 150 with little trouble, I may have to take a closer look at this build.

Also, welcome to the forums! We’re all really glad you’re enjoying the game and are willing to join in the fun here!

Is Spider Occultist actually better than Viper though? As I’ve not used it at all I can’t really answer that myself, however my Viper Occultist with Unguided Entity has, as far as I know, a 100% chance to kill whatever it targets if there’s nothing interupting it and my Power Balance is high enough. I’ve been sitting and 1shotting all major sigils at lvl 100 for the last hour to grind up more enchantments. Hitting the boss for 40% of its health, cleaving that as well as killing the boss and proccing Calamity basically starts a chain reaction that clears most things before they get a chance to move.

Switched my Strongholds enchant to Death Beckons as soon as I got it and cut the Witch Doctor Sacrificer for a Nether (All Emerald, 31 gems) Rotten Carnage that I placed between my Viper Occultists and gave Mortar Combat for extra AoE clearing with Calamity. It’s still massively underleveled but I’m hopeful that it’s going to be helping out for a while. I’ll probably switch it out for another Nether Viper Occultist with Unguided Entity and all health gems to avoid getting spellgibbed.
As attack on the Viper doesn’t matter at all due to it always dealing 40% of current Health (Item Enchant) + 100% of current health from its ability, you could probably just stack as much health and survivabillity on it as possible and still clear most things.

There are things that can mess it up royally though. I ran into a fight where enemies had double Calamity that made me oneshot myself upon killing anything, which was problematic.

The most hilarious one shotting combo I’ve found (that works at any depth) would have to be:

Ordinary Abnormality: At the start of battle, your creatures swap Health, Attack, Luck or Defense with the enemy team randomly.
25% of the time this results in HP swap which allows me to…

Final Oblation (Mouth of Hell): When this creature defends, it dies and deals damage equal to its missing health to the enemy team.
Cradle to the Grave: When this creature dies, resurrect with 1 health.

So, defend first turn, defend again, all enemies dead. Even without Final Oblation, when my creatures have 3000 hp and the enemy has 100000, when those numbers switch I win!
For Luck, Speed, Attack switches, you just need to have creatures that scale well on these stats on the team. The rest of the ability slots can be used boosting abilities (such as +50% luck on team).

My nether spider didn’t meet a creature that it alone without an extra ability didn’t one shot, until around level 100. If it had the unguided ability, it’d probably just get ridiculous. I’m not sure exactly which of the two is stronger, but both are viably insane. Lol

Which ability is Unguided Entity? Unless that changes things, isn’t the Viper Occultist’s ability an added effect, so if your base damage is bad, the extra damage is similarly low? I assume that that ability gives some kind of way to crack defense, however, or I would guess nethers at realm 100 would force minimal damage even out of your own Nethers (50-100K defense, at least).

I typed that all out without realizing that Unguided Entity might be the “do 40% of current health” damage ability - assuming that is counted as base damage, does that mean having at least 250% power balance guarantees 100% current health on any enemy?

edit: I use a one-shot combo myself, though it’s not guaranteed and I’m running out of steam by level 45; but if it works all enemies usually die from a chain of splash damage mixed with Calamity procs. At this point, though, I sometimes have to cast Haste (poor planning has left my only damage creature the fastest, meaning I need to burn a haste spell if the enemy has the shell Siren) or Mass Bloodlust to crack defense. It’s still entertaining doing 30000+ damage a hit with only 2400 displayed attack, though!

Unguided Entity is indeed the “Do 40% of current health” ability, and it does work as base damage for viper occultists ability. I currently have 270ish power balance, and due to having Stonebark Whetstone (No glancing blows) You are basically garantueed to kill whatever you target with your attack. I’m currently 1shotting nethers at level 100+ while cleaving & Splashing down the remaining monsters. So far, I’ve not failed to 1shot whatever I’ve targeted as far as I can remember - About 100 sigil fights and 50 levels of trials. I’ve died once or twice due to only being able to kill 1 guy and then getting my whole team blown up by Icky Fingers or Calamity randomly.

Sounds like the contest is back on. How high can you go with your new team?

Does the infinite-depth build exist? ???

Technically, you could go infinitely deep if you farmed enough fireball and flamestrike/fire storm scrolls and had nothing but topaz attunement - four burning fireballs instantly kills all enemies. That’ll probably be changed, and obviously, you’d need a ridiculous amount of scrolls to do that. And you’d still lose to any anti-spell creature. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Since that’s probably considered cheating, there’s at least one other setup Kejal posted where you use Gravestorm and Electroheart in order to stun the enemy team until it dies from Doom; though that’s very boring and requires a way to deal with bone reapers and frenzy ghouls. Electroheart likely enables other cheese builds as well, since the amount of free space it gives you is insane.

A nether spider with a topaz activation focus will go first pretty much regardless of what have you. As the 40% damage ability being is main attack, it doesn’t affect its additional damage, which is additive based on luck, the two would decimate enemies. While I know I’m biased, I think the spider might in fact be more powerful. But with all the boons you can give to you spell power, I may be wrong.

Wouldn’t that fall off eventually as creatures start having more luck than you?
Viper Occultist doesn’t deal bonus damage based on spell power, but rather deals the damage multiplied by your power balance. This means that a lvl 1 non nether Viper occultist with an Unguided Entity can 1shot a lvl X nether as long as it can get the attack off and your power balance is >200%.

Sorry meant power balance. With the nether spider, a creature having more luck than it really just doesn’t happen. Even with it at just level 60, it crushes things. And that’s with an artifact that doesn’t focus stack its luck. It’s got maybe -100 luck without the artifact on. Sure it’ll fall off, but not for a very long while into the realms.

Wow nice combo there. Never would have thought it could work like that.

poison instakill team that needs no leveling or stats on their artifacts or spells:

moon hunter + 50% chance for extra turn (hysteria ghoul)
moon hunter + all creatures start at top of action queue (and get critical but that’s not needed
venomous clutcher + 3 stacks of poison on target, 1 stack on 2 randoms (moon hunter)
venomous clutcher + 50% chance for extra turn (hysteria ghoul)
nightmare mummy + 7% kill per stack of poison (venomous clutcher)
necrocastle + electro heart (yellow phoenix bird) (stronghold would be better since the extra poison stacks aren’t needed I realized)

no spells, act before enemies, lots of extra turns to load them up with poison stacks and kill them off. in case something gets a hit in, electro heart with 2 turns of stun is more than enough time to finish the job. seems more efficient and easier to construct than a burn team since instakill needs no stats at all to work.

enchanting artifacts with haunt, stone, confused, snare, stun on hit and making yourself invisible adds insult to injury but doesn’t seem necessary - don’t know when or how this build will fall apart though.

I wouldn’t consider that OP at all. You don’t have Contamination so the passive Poison damage doesn’t get overwhelming, you only have three killshot creatures and they’re at best a 70% chance, you have multiple turn manipulation abilities that don’t always work, and your tank doesn’t have perfect provoke or any attack hard counter.

I’d be interested in how deep you could take it, but my gut says that Scourge Mummies and the various retailator creatures (Alacazar, Proliferator, Scourgewalker, Destruction B.) would give this team a lot of trouble.

it does absolutely no damage of course but I usually get 5-6 shots for the instakill per round plus the % for poison instakill seems bugged as I posted over there - going to switch in a stronghold plus electro heart for tanking, just want to get my creatures up to the strongholds level (replaced my level 110 calamity/dmg based team with fresh level 1’s and want them to be evenly levelled for once :P)

Seems Zack is fixing both the poison bug and the Unguided Entity bug in .21, which is great.