Discussion: Steam Achievements

I’ve been working on getting Siralim ready for its Steam launch, and it’s almost ready. Now I’m in the process of implementing achievements.

I currently have a list of over 100 basic achievements, such as “summon your first creature”, “complete 50 Major Sigils”, etc. Basically, these are the bare-bones achievements that you would probably expect the game to have. But I’d also like to add some interesting ones that players might not expect - almost like some kind of challenge, such as “kill six enemies in one turn”.

If you have any ideas for this type of thing, please post them here! I won’t post the list that I’ve made already because I want them to be a surprise, but you should just assume that I’ve covered all the really obvious ones already.

Arena master: Reach arena level…
Insatiable: Feed Slib … times
Type acheivements like Bat master, Diabolic Horde master (win a fight with nothing but a specific type)
Immortal: Have a creature die 5 times in a single battle.
Pacifist: Win a fight without attacking
Ninja: Open all chests in a realm without fighting

Awesome! That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for, thanks!

Lazy: Complete a duty without moving
Rainbow: Have 6 different colored creatures in a party
You can’t touch this: Have a creature dodge… times in a row.
Stunning Performance: Have all enemies afflicted by stun.
Holding Hands: Have link on all your creatures.
Dynamic Duo: Win with a Imler/Imling pair against 6 enemies.

Win a battle using only spells
Win a battle using only Occultist creatures
Have a creature with Multistrike hit ten times in a row
Read all the books in the library
Lose x amount of resources to the gambling dwarves
Win a battle by killing all six creatures with indirect damage (ie, Splash, Cleave, occultist bonus damage, etc.)

Curious Cat: Touch every wall and object in Siralim after building all rooms.