Disgaea + Dragon Quest Monsters

Heading is how I convinced my friends to try Siralim, and ultimately buy it. Just thought I’d drop in and say hello!

In case you’re reading this Zack, question:

Will you be setting up a leaderboard or a system to view dead hardcore characters/teams? It would be great to share with my buddies how far we each get and with what, AFTER dying. If not sharable, at least a local single player version so there is some sort of tangible record. Just an idea, mad props for making this game!


Welcome, and thank you for the kind words!

I actually really like the idea of keeping some record about your hardcore characters. I’ll throw some ideas around later on and see about implementing something like this. Thanks for the suggestion!

Awesome! I don’t know that computing a score is necessary but pretty much anything in the stats pages under character as well as the creatures and their artifacts would be really neat to be able to look at later.

If you really wanted to run away with the idea, you could also log the enemy team that killed the player!