Dislike of the Sigil System

Sigils are annoying because you need to not only locate a sigil of the appropriate creature you wish to fight, but it also must be the appropriate level to receive a reward.
This makes it frustrating when you have an inventory of 10+ low level sigils that are essentially useless items.

You can keep them around to train new creatures with. Also, with some of the abilities they have (like your creatures taking damage), you probably want more powerful low level creatures to deal with some of them.

I don’t want to keep low level creatures simply for a Sigil fight.
It’s counter-intuitive, especially with the Perk that grants stable creatures XP.

As for the occasional low-level creature you get from breeding, it’s only 1/6 of your force. I doubt anyone is going to breed all 6 creatures and then sigil dive their low level sigils to power them up.

I’d much rather have a dial-a-level system with the sigils.
Find it, use it, select your enemy creature level. Even if you have to say… trade power balance for it.

Rewards increase correspondingly.

Maybe we can have a system where we add 5 sigils to gain a sigil of our highest creature’s level or something?

I’d take that too. Just getting tired of useless sigils in my inventory. It’s not even worth it to fight low level sigils. :frowning:

There will be an NPC or something that will allow you to pay to change a sigil’s level. It’s just not implemented yet.

With that said, low level sigils are probably not that useless thanks to the breeding system. Wait until you start breeding a bit :slight_smile: