Do people normally play Hardcore/Reincarn?

Just curious. I found this game through the /r/roguelikes community and that’s how I’d like to play, unless I’m making it unrealistically hard on myself. I see that I get starting item bonuses for starting with those difficulty mods, but I know that any item deficit can eventually be overcome by a non-permadeath player. Also, I kind of just wiped my team trying to flee from a battle against the ‘subdue’ mini-quest boss… I didn’t realize fleeing would result in a TPK and if I could go back I would have just tried harder. Whoops!

I play hardcore, and tbh its not really a good idea. You can be screwed over by random luck at any point really. My team is finally at a point where i can’t face anything i can’t beat unless i go too high in realm levels, but for quite a while random deaths are a possibility.

So don’t go hardcore. is what i am saying.

I tried out reincarnation mode and it’s really stressful. You basically can’t leave your creatures dead unless they are nether, or your party composition is ruined. I felt like I made no progress in 20+ hours of playing.