Does a wild Clairvoyant Spirit boost enemies?

Clairvoyant Spirits have the ability Abnegation: “Your creatures have additional Attack, Luck, and Defense equal to 15% of your Power Balance.” Are enemy encounters considered to have Power Balance?

Afaik, no enemy team gets any bonus from abilities related to stats you get outside combat, that is the pilwiz from breaking stuff, the worm for winning battles, and the abilities related to power balance and spellpower.

Actually, I do believe the enemy team is assigned an unknown amount of power balance. I figure this based on raptor Occultists who use power balance to determine extra damage. I’ve had some deal a healthy chunk to my creatures, so the enemy team would have to have some sort of power balance, but I’m not sure how it’s figured.

Surprisingly, enemies all have Power Balance, and for abilities like Intimidation, they’ve fought in battles before you to ramp up their strength.

The only ability that is 100% useless for enemies right now is the Steampowered Pilwiz ability.

Thats nice, I guess the poor ai-pilwiz will also one day learn the secret of breaking stuff before going to battle. So they all get some bonus ^^

Also the Angel Soulslayer (gain a slain monster’s gem), Nightwing Gargoyle (gain extra resources), and Nexus Amaranth (chance to gain an Exalted Emblem), unless I’m missing something.

Probably true, but I think Zack was referring to skills that are supposed to have an effect on the battle itself. :stuck_out_tongue: