Does anyone use Diamond enchantments on Nether creatures?

Does anyone here use Diamond enchantments when you’re making Nether creatures? It just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Leveling up faster has some benefit (since being 10 levels below the enemy is less of a penalty at level 100 than at level 10), but if you put Diamond enchantments on your gems then the Nether creature will be weaker at any given level than they would have been if you had put one of the other enchantments on them.

It feels even more not-worth-it because the Nether creation process seems to push you toward using as few enchantment types as possible to maximize the effects of the ones you do choose. For example, let’s say you have a Nether orb with 10 activations and 20 gems. If you use 2 activations and 4 gems of each of the five enchantment types, you get 8 gems’ worth of bonus on each type (since the activations are supposedly multipliers), for 40 gems’ worth total. But if you do 5 activations of 10 gems each, you get 50 gems’ worth per type, for 100 gems’ worth total. If you use all 10 activations and 20 gems on the same type, you get 200 gems’ worth of bonus total. Lots of the most useful creatures seem to encourage focusing on one stat like this too, like Brim Smith (attack), Fallen Carnage (attack), Spider Occultist (speed/luck), Stronghold (health, maybe defense too).

I am planning on making one Nether creature with all Diamond enchantments and giving it the Diamond Paragon’s ability (give 200% experience to all of my creatures that are lower level than this creature). Then I’ll use it as a trainer to level up other creatures as necessary. That’s the only situation that I can see using Diamond enchantments for right now.

Just a quick note: orb activations have diminishing returns. I won’t give out the math for this but as a basic example, imagine that 2 Ruby activations gives a 2x multiplier, but 3 Ruby activations only give a 2.5x multiplier. Again, these are made-up numbers just to demonstrate my point.

I share your view, rad. I wouldn’t use diamond enchants on my nethers except for training up my other creatures.

This was suggested by someone else before, but making diamond bonus experience not count towards enemy scaling would go a good way to buffing it; I’m not sure how this would be done now that things have returned to level scaling, though; I would guess if you had level 20 with diamonds but if it calculated level 14 without the diamonds, your enemies would scale to it as if it was level 14.

Edit: Another possibility could be to make diamonds reduce your creature’s effective level for scaling by a percentage. That would make diamonds a sort of all-rounder, as your stats would be “higher” for your level all around.

I was thinking of the same. Ive made 2 nethers now both used 3 diamond gems. the experience bonus is nice but I can’t help but think… I would rather the Nether be overall stronger per level than be a higher level. Seems to work out if a Nether is lv15 with no diamond enchants and is just as strong as a lv20-25 nether.

I have a 27 gem 9 activation green orb. thinking of doing 3 attack, 2hp, 2 defense, 2 speed / luck, 0 experience. Then do 9 emerald, 6/6/6/0. Should be interesting lol. I am hoping for a good strong Nether.

Can’t wait for the day to find an imbued Nether orb. wonder how strong of a nether I can create :slight_smile:
Has anyone found an imbued orb yet?

I use 2 gems and 1 imbue, since that’s what I do for all base stats regardless of whether I find them useful or not. I think it’s somewhat necessary since now that we’re back on level scaling, and as you get deeper into the realms the enemies will scale to the average level of your team (which your Nether will be far behind no matter what you do.)

I still do prefer focusing on core stats, but it’s likely that long-term Nether use requires at least some gesture in the direction of Diamond enchants, otherwise it wouldn’t have been even offered.

The time to use your diamond orb is when you already like the stat balance of the creature. Maybe the creature already has high attack and a good damage ability, the diamond orb will let you make a stronger version of that quicker.

I have not done the math, but there are trade-offs involved in the amount of stat gained per level versus how fast you level up. It is actually kind of a difficult question to answer without controlled experiments of the kind Kejal performed with diamond enchantments. So I can’t really say if diamond enchantments confer an advantage or not.

When enchanting an orb, I maximize activations on the color enhanced by the orb, with a single activation in the other colors. Then I typically use only gems of that color. The results are stats resembling the normal creature except in the enhanced category, which is optimized. Therefore I only use diamond enchantments on diamond orbs, with a bunch of diamond gems, and the result is a bigger better version of the starting monster, like it was simply magnified.