Does anyone use the "dump" talents?

I’m talking about most stuff under Creatures; like the stat boosting ones. Are they ever worth it once you start rolling in royalty points? I’m at at mage level 145 or so now, but I feel like I would still not want to increase those anytime soon due to their inefficient returns. But I assume these are intended more for players who have gotten every character talent and perk maxed that they’d want, and have nowhere to put points - has anyone gotten to that point? Even with at least 600-700 royalty points spent, I’m still mainly working on loot-based perks, so it may just be the vastness of the talents that leads to that.

Those are great for end game tbh, im currently at the point where im working on my perks, but I can easily see that ill be working on the creature talents soon :slight_smile:

Yeah, my character and perk traits ate about where I want them and I’ve been planning out my points for creature points. They are definitely late game, but certainly not useless. Very useful when your attack does 3k damage and you have a 10% boost to damage and attack. That’s a lot of extra firepower!

I’m attempting to max Piercing, currently.

That’s the one that starts at 5 points and has 50 ranks.

That said, it’ll give all my creatures the Bonescaper ability (ignore 50% of defense) when maxed, for free. A scaling ability like that makes deep realms unbelievably easier. Even at my current rank - 12- it’s making an incredibly noticeable difference.