Does speed impact accuracy on physical strikes?

Those springtime aspects are driving me bonkers :wink:


Nope, any form of dodging is solely related to an ability or buff, so they aren’t mitigated by a stat or anything like that.

I thought that Attack impacts accuracy, Damage the power, and Speed the chance that the creature can attack before another creature in the queue.

N’est pas?

Attack affects damage, damage isn’t actually a stat, and Speed is compared with all other creatures to determine the order in which creatures can attack. Speed also adds a small amount of unmitigated damage to your attacks as well.

There is no factor for accuracy - any form of dodging/missing is affected solely by an ability or buff/debuff.

So if a springtime aspect has a 30% chance to dodge, there’s simply a flat 30% Dodge chance from his ability.

My question, is how are multiple Dodge chances calculated? Say there’s a springtime aspect that has been given a Dodge buff and your character has put points in the creature perk that gives Dodge to all your creatures.
How are all of these handled? I doubt they’re all stacked (not that I’d mind if they were.) Perhaps it adds the perk and the added buff, then the ability is separate? Or perhaps each one is rolled separately?

Each one is rolled separately.

Zack. any chance you could let me know… it seems some monsters just do way more damage in general even though the attack is much lower. Take Brim smith… he is doing up to 2.5k! But my siren oracle nether isnt doing anywhere near that kind of damage and has only slightly less attack.

I didn’t think creature type would be a huge factor in damage output. but makes me think when creating nethers… feels wasted to focus on emeralds if the monster doesnt cause much damage in general. How does this work exactly?

Speed is a huge factor when calculating damage. If I had to guess, the Brim Smith probably has much higher Speed than your Siren Oracle.

Also, the target’s Defense is subtracted from your creature’s Attack (along with a bunch of other minor calculations, but that’s the main one) to determine damage, and the type of Defense used in the calculation is based on the attacker’s class (for example, if your creature is a Death creature, the target’s Death Defense is used), so that’s going to be a huge factor as well.

oh wow so speed actually plays a big part in damage output? I always thought it was only for attacking before the enemies. never thought it affected damage to. Will go and check on that :slight_smile:

Speed doesn’t increase damage nearly as much as Attack does, but it is unmitigated damage. So characters with lots of speed tend to do a moderate amount of very reliable damage.

Enzo, Brim Smith’s get 200% damage bonus from their artifact, which probably is what unbalances the scale so much.

No thats not it… without an artifact he still does much more damage than creatures that now have 500 more attack. They even have more speed then him. And his ability grants 200% more attack stat on an artifact. So say the artifact has 150 attack. when you go to equip on brim smith it will now show +300 attack. his ability does not give him 200% total attack lol.
My sand giant has like 1500 attack and more speed than brim smith… yet does 250 damage and brim does 1200. not sure why such a drastic difference. Brim still does like 800+ without the artifact equipped and loses 500 attack.

Brim Smith
1309 attack
548 speed
608 luck
Damage = 1k +

Servant Hunter
1542 attack
978 speed
557 luck
Damage = 300-400

Something doesn’t add up lol

It’s probably the defense bit that I mentioned, then.

Also, I don’t think the creature stats screen takes into account the Brim Smith’s ability. Try unequipping its artifact and then re-equipping it and see how much it adds. I think the screen only shows the base amount of the artifact’s attack without doubling it, so your Brim Smith’s total attack is actually much higher than what is shown.

Abilities only take effect in battle :slight_smile:

Precisely. It’s Dissection that’s throwing off the scale. You’ll go a very long time without finding anything that can punch as hard as a loaded-out Brim Smith.

What also affects the damage is the class weakness!
I don´t know the exact amount of the bonus but its pretty high.

Death creatures for example deals bonus damage against chaos creatures.

I didn’t think the class damages were so broad. Aren’t they based by each creature? Determined by the creature’s specific defenses. I’m pretty sure each creature’s are different. Maybe there is an additional underlying bonus in unaware of?

Yes, each class has a weakness against another class. You can read which classes are weak to each other in the library.

Could this weakness not be baked into the defenses.themselves? For example death creatures have a low life defense. The bonus is quite obscure and it is not clear how significant it is.