Don't let Rebirth ever hose you

Lost an Arena run due to Rebirth resetting my Stronghold’s turn, while it was stunned, removing provoking. Enemies blew up my linchpin creature, and it fell apart from there. I don’t think Rebirth should ever be a negative effect, so is there a way to make provoking persist if you are reborn into an incapacitated status, or for Rebirth to cleanse debuffs? That’s the kind of interaction that doesn’t go “Oh, I should have kept my eye out” or “Oh, that’s an interesting drawback”, it’s the kind that makes you want to smash your computer with a hammer.

Pardon the rage, but the fact I got wiped because of my rebirth perk was one of the dumbest moments I’ve ever seen in this game, especially since it was basically complete RNG-screw (drawing enemies that can apply stun, the (low-ranked) perk applying Rebirth, and the enemies dogpiling the one monster I needed to salvage it.). I wouldn’t complain if it wasn’t for the fact the effect is intended to be positive and not have a small chance to completely ruin your day by disrupting your tank.

Meanwhile, the little baby Skynet that is growing in your computer is laughing to itself…

But I agree, rebirth should probably cleanse debuffs (and buffs).

When I think about it more, I did realize something kind of obvious: my creature still being dead (if it didn’t have Rebirth) is the same as it being stuck not provoking. The only issue is that it means Calamity didn’t proc off my Stronghold’s death, and the monsters killed my Calamity monster right afterwards, and due to the enemy having a bunch of “kill last” monsters (two Blood Reapers who would loop to get ridiculously huge barriers) I couldn’t really do anything. I do get that Calamity is already ridiculously powerful, though, but there’s still a few situations where while Rebirth wouldn’t disadvantage you, it would be pointless (rebirthing into lethal DoTs); I don’t know if Rebirth as a status is considered too strong or too weak now, so it’s up to someone else leaving some thoughts on the matter.

Rebirth doesn’t trigger on-death abilities. It does not combine well with calamity, that’s true.

I wouldn’t call it a disadvantage, just keep it in mind.

Nah, I don’t think Rebirth should. I do think that it seems a bit weird it revives you with all your ailments intact - while my example was very extreme, there’s still a lot of situations where Rebirth doesn’t really do much. The low health revival is already a big limiter to the effect. I’m a bit biased, though, I don’t feel like having to hunt for a reset potion so I can remove my points in Saving Grace to avoid that happen again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would agree that rebirth is a little strange and don’t see it as to effective compared to other buffs. I don’t think it really needs a rework, but having it clear all buffs and debuffs would make a lot of sense.

The very obvious bonus to rebirth not being a on death effect, is that it still works vs bone reapers. If you want to ressurect your tank or other creatures after they have died, there is a lot of other options that work a lot better, especially in combination with calamity. ^^
Think of rebirth as this: “When your creature recieves damage that would kill it, avoid death and…”

Well, at least I managed to get one of the perk reset potions, so I’ll probably be removing my points from that perk, at least until I can afford to get it high enough that much of my team will reliably have it :stuck_out_tongue: