Doom doesn't work

  1. Bug

  2. The description of Doom says that it kills the creature after it wears off, but it doesn’t work for me. I have an artifact with “Inflict Doom on Hit”, and after an attack from my creature inflicts Doom on an enemy, I have all my creatures defend until Doom wears off. When it wears off, a message says something like “Minotaur Behemoth has met its doom”, but the creature doesn’t die and combat continues as normal.

  3. iOS

  4. 2.0.9

I think on nether creatures it does some lesser thing, like half damage? (Which I agree it should explain in the library.) Could that have been it?

It doesn’t change if it’s a Nether Creature.

This seems to be working properly for me in the latest version, but iOS is extremely far behind at this point so it’s likely that this was fixed after 2.0.9.