Double Creature Question

If I have two Nightwing Gargoyles (Ransack ability, +loot), will their bonuses double? Or are unique abilities like this only singly stackable? Most other abilities I’ve seen will state that ‘this can only happen once per [turn/battle]’ or something, but this one doesn’t…

Also, similar question for special abilities like Calamity (creatures dying makes enemies take 15% damage).

Thanks for any help/tips on this!

As long as an ability’s description doesn’t state otherwise, it can occur multiple times from different creatures. So yes, Ransack will work if multiple creatures have it :slight_smile:

Most abilities will stack. Numerical bonuses are almost always applied before multiplicative ones; If you have a Brim Smith getting a boost on its Artifact’s Attack (which a Dark Brim Smith does), that’s added before the Brim Smith’s 200% multiplier.

Dodge and Death chances, however, never stack; you can’t get 15% Dodge from a Wyvern Windrider plus 45% from Eye of the Thylacine. Each chance to dodge is calculated independently. Likewise for death; if you have a Shogun with Cull the Weak attacking a Weak-afflicted target, he gets first a 20%, then a 50% chance to kill, rather than a single 70%.

Likewise, certain creatures apply rules to the field, and having duplicates of their abilities on the field will have no effect, but these are almost always clearly stated. For example, Bile Slime doubles Poison damage to the enemy team; this effect will never stack, and having two of it does nothing.

Your smith example is incorrect, the Dark Brim Smith adds its attack to the Brim Smith, but it is not multiplied because it is not part of the Brim Smith artifact. You can test it in realm level 1 by giving a level 1 Smith an empty armor artifact and the dark smith a high attack sword. Attack the enemy level 1 creature and the damage will be close to the attack bonus of the sword.

Calamity does not stack for me and does not state once per death

Calamity is a “party effect” that is caused by the exploding of corpses and can thus only happen once, since there is only one body to explode. It might “stack” but it doesn’t add damage and won’t actually do anything. However, a calamity on both sides of the field make it affect both teams.

It might be advisable to call these Field Effects or something like that to clarify whether they stack or not. I can start to see why they’d cause new players confusion.

Does Strength of the World stack now?