double trait not working in Itherian realms

I recently caught 2 Gorgon tricksters(itherian) and put them both in my team, their traits both work at the same time in normal realms but they fail to work in an Itherian realm. They activate at the start of battle but the debuff doesn’t apply. The trait is “At the start of battle, this creature afflicts 3 random enemies with stun for 1 turn”
the Itherian realm i’m in has Boss 170% stronger, No Nether, Infinite mana, Enemies belong to same race, No mana regen.

Also utilizing this trait seems a little overpowered to me since with 2+ in a team 3-6 enemies will be stunned at the start of battle (which is awesome), i found them so i’ll keep using them it’s not my fault it’s really effective :slight_smile: i’m just enjoying the game :slight_smile:

This is probably the same bug as the one i posted about. It seems that the No Nether trait causes enemies to not be able to receive any debuffs at all. He said he found the cause so it’ll probably be fixed next patch.

Thank you for your insight, much appreciated :slight_smile: