Drain life not healing

Drain life is described thusly: “Target takes a moderate amount of damage, and all your creatures recover Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt.”

I have several times today seen drain life do more than 20 points of damage and then heal for 0 points. I don’t think there were any debuffs. I’m using the latest version.


Same issue here, any reason why this doesn’t work?

I actually will just go ahead and bump this with my complaint, which is that drain life does NO damage at all, even with over a 100 level advantage. Running on windows with most recent update, though I’ve never had this spell actually deal damage.

I have never observed damage either, but I didn’t not test in a controlled environment.

Bumping this thread since Drain Life is still not healing after being cast. I’ve seen it heal a couple of times, but the vast majority of the time it heals no one. My current suspicion is that it fails to heal if any character on your team is at full health, but I haven’t tested this thoroughly.

i think it fizzles if the enemy has defense or is resistant to the caster