Dread wight/ or sacrifice to light stuff + your spells

So far what happends: you cast barrage of spells. Dread wight dies on 1nd-2nd, but ressurects after you ve cast all of them, same with creatures who have sacrifice to the light gem equipped. Basically mechanic is understandable, but well, can we have some adjustment made?
Either make our barrage affect em,
or make barrage stop to cast - like it cuts in the end of combat?
That stuff is only annoying if it happends when the resurrectee is the last creature, combat have not ended yet, but there are no creatures to cast your spells on so they go in the air - something we didnt like much in siralim 2?

Also any chance looking into dread wights closer? so far like most annoying creature ever since due to rng it could take 2x more time to kill one wight then whole group of creatures. or even longer? Decrease chance to ressurect by 10% every time he does it, and reset back to 50% when he takes a turn? idk or make it 100% then decrease by 50% every ressurect before it takes a turn, so max 2 ressurects, min 1 per turn?

**(idk if it will spoil some builds i can imagine (at least in siralim 2) NOW group of few wights with requiem on death and some other on death spells + some nether with perks that proc on death/revive. but well atm those critters are very annoying and just a pain, especially since game doesnt cut off our barrage of spells, it goes all, and THEN it resurrects rinse and repeat)