[Driver issue] Screen artifacts

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Minimize screen or exit a game to the main screen.

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Windows 8

Does this permanently cause artifacts until you restart the game? Or is it just a quick blip and then it returns to normal?


Alright, I’ll look into it and try to find the problem!

A description of the artifacts, they form basically random light beam flashes that when they flicker over the UI overlay or monster overlay they reveal the background art in encounters if that helps.

Could you please take a screenshot next time this happens? I’m having some trouble reproducing the issue and haven’t seen anyone else mention it before. Are you using a resolution that is larger than what can fit on your device?

I’ve tried, it doesn’t capture it in screenshots. No on resolution (using the same type as my laptop but the game was not originally in my native resolution.) and it also happens in windowed mode regardless of screen size.

Any idea if both of those devices have the same brand and model of video card?

Sorry if there is a misunderstanding, I’m only playing on my laptop. I’ve tested this on a desktop pc without getting artifacts.

My video card is a nvidia geforce GT 745M

If you are unable to capture it in screenshots, that sounds like it might be a video driver issue. I know Siralim isn’t the most graphically intense game out there, but it could be a bug with your current driver. Have you updated your drivers lately?

Yep, everything is up to date for my graphics card’s drivers.

Okay well I’ve taken literally hundreds of screenshots and i was able to finally capture this on a screenshot. They are only there for a fraction of a second (just a blink) so maybe this can help solve the problem.

They don’t normally repeat (as in they are completely random) but i was able to catch the artifacts looping at the battle summary screen which is what enabled me to catch these in a screenshot to begin with.

Edit: ok so i misspoke they do repeat in a pattern, the patter just changes from one action or another.

That is definitely a graphics driver/card issue. If you look at the Action Queue, you can see the title screen art as you said earlier, which means bits of your VRAM aren’t being freed up properly.

Re-installing your drivers using what NVIDIA call a “clean installation” (it’s an option you are given when you try to update your drivers) should solve the problem, unless for some reason there’s a hardware defect with the card itself but that’s far less likely.

If you need any help with the driver re-installation, feel free to ask.

Sorry about that, it was indeed a driver issue. The laptop is a loaner from a relative, i don’t have experience with these kinds of problems because i manually clean my drivers.

Thank you for suggesting the “clean installation” feature, it worked well enough and i can pass the instructions on tot he owner easily enough :slight_smile:

Sigh i spoke too soon, the issue started again :slight_smile: I might be able to fix it by manually cleaning drivers, I’ll try later.