Druid perk that prevents debuffs (Reclusive Remedy) is ignored by Nemesis: Plague

  • 0.4.5
  • Windows
  • No crash
  • I feel that having 1v6 is typically difficulty enough and worth the Druid perk winning out against Plague, as you are still up against a full team of (likely) entirely fused creatures. Even ignoring plague, that is a lot of traits a single creature is up against. Without this being changed, 100 points on your specialization feel thrown away.

Reclusive Remedy doesn’t make your creatures immune to debuffs - it makes them resistant to them, which simply makes some of them a bit less potent. You can find a list of these in the Codex.

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Ah, thank you.

I thought that perk seemed too op.

Very sorry to waste your time on this one!