Druid Skill Clarification - Ancestry

I’m at about realm depth 16 playing Druid (first playthrough) and took my first perk as Ancestry (Grants an additional trait from the creatures race for each missing creature).
I have found that by using inspect during battle that Traits seem to be only selected from Traits I have “discovered” which means at this early stage of the game most of the bonus traits are duplicates of the creatures base trait.
I don’t know if this is a bug or working as intended to stop Druids getting Traits that are very powerful in the early game.
Anyway just thought I would mention it.
Side note - loving the game so far, very polished for a game in alpha.

You can only gain traits from creatures that you have knowledge about, so as you play the game more and encounter new creatures, your pool of possible traits will expand as well.

The possibility to obtain duplicate traits is intentional - for now, at least.

Cool, makes sense. Thanks for the response!