duty rewards...

So I started at realm one and was a little shocked that my dirty reward was comprised of a single handful of crystal. Even with my duty rewards trait being maxed out. But I figured it was just the new looting system dropping the rates for really low levels.
That’s when I jumped up to realm 10 and proceeded to get about the same amount of reward. Same story on 11 and 12! With maxed out duty rewards? Is this a bug? What realm does loot actually exist?

I took a screen shot of my realm 12 duty reward.

I think zack has been taking lots of info of the new loot system as the original was WAY to much and the inventory was being flooded. I am sure this is an on going process lol.

That’s what I figured, just wanted to mention and compare with others.

I wonder if I am playing a different game. I spent have the time deleting stuff from my inventory be it orbs (3 pages), consumables (just deleted ove 200 of the more useless ones) or sigils. Loot on lower level realms was actually improved (quality wise) since you can get orbs and dust. Yes, sometimes you get only a handful, but those are rare exceptions and do not occur on higher realms.

The new loot system is a huge improvement on high levels, with some tweaks still in order discussed in other posts. On low levels, drops can be a bit too miserly.

What realm should I be on to get real loot? 10 is obviously not high enough, even though it’s generally the standard of average difficulty, it yield sub-standard rewards. My biggest concern is if the duty reward trait bonuses are actually working at all. I’m considering making a new test character to see if there’s really any difference.

I prefer to farm floors 20-50, which is about as deep as you can take a stats build. I could probably go much deeper, but I switch parties around a lot, so I don’t have creatures with levels in the multi-hundreds.

I’m able to do realm lv25 using lv200 normal creatures and lv100 nether, however my newest nether at lv78? Has even more amazing stats than my lv122 nether haha. Also using 6x lv130 bow artifacts each having a legendary craft on them. My character is about lv154 atm. Honestly once you make a team of nethers, the higher the level they get and higher level artifacts allows you to continuously go deeper. Lv25 I’m facing lv375 creatures and I’m winning with not to much difficulty using 3 nether lv78-122 and 3 lv205 normals. Just keep building your team and you will be able to get to the better realms