Dying after wiping their team

I am not fully sure if this was a bug or not, but a very odd interaction(s).

I had a monster with multispell (3 casts due to a rune) wipe out the opposing team. This appeared to cause a few odd interactions.

Dead monsters were still able to have multiple instances of a countering spell. Ex: the first cast from my monster killed the opposing one. The second and third spell cast then triggered a counter spell from the monster. I am fairly certain this should not occur.

After their team was killed, my side had 4 left. Their spell counter actions in return wiped out my team as well. I do not know what is to occur in a draw, however a black mite (labeled under the frostbite yeti) spawned on their side to make this my loss. Their team did not have a black mite monster.

Should the battle not end once their side is wiped out, and what is the game logic on a draw… just spawning a random monster on their side to give a loss seems a bit odd.