Dying Breath

I just noticed the other day that when Dying Breath applies the dying debuff to one of your creature’s, if you choose to extract on its turn, it does not die. When its next turn comes up, the dying debuff is removed (unless it was obviously reapplied again before its next turn). For forced/static battles, you can’t extract, so obviously you can’t use this tactic - but for random battles, as long as you have an exctract-viable enemy left, you can basically stave off death almost indefinitely (only from attacks, obviously, so there’s still plenty of damage you can take that can kill you). Is this working as intended?

Originally, when I summoned the Corrupted Phoenix (which was the creature I received cores for from the castle quest for the power goblet) - I thought that the ability was nifty - upon this discovery, I’ve actually evaulated it a bit better, as well. It’s not gamebreaking - far from it - since any kind of indirect damage will still kill the creature, but it can basically turn a creature into a pseudo-tank if the enemies keep attacking it.

That is probably a bug with extraction though.

I do have an idea for that ability but i havn’t tested it out yet so not sure if it will work. Pulse bat can transfer debuff to the target he attacked so it can save itself and kill the opponent as a bonus.

Dying is supposed to activate at the start of the monster’s turn, actually, so that’s definitely a bug. (See: https://forums.thylacinestudios.com/t/788#msg3857)

Once that’s fixed, the Pulse Bat strategy is going to stop working as well, though that was previously one of the infinite-depth builds.

I thought the library description was wrong instead of dying being wrong. If dying activate at the start then corrupted phoenix would be nerfed but that occultist with the afflict dying after extraction ability would be buffed.

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, but that doesn’t really feel like the intent of a condition called “Dying.” It seems more like a, “you have one chance left; don’t waste it,” kind of deal.

Maybe keep it as “at the end of this creature’s turn,” but make it only removable by its intended effect: Death.

It wasn’t, probably, but the Dying Breath / Pulse Bat team was completely invincible to damage, so Zack had to take steps.

Post-turn abilities and buffs/debuffs are not currently acknowledged after you extract. This is a bug that will be fixed in the coming update.

I noticed that disease/infection, etc. didn’t proc at the end of a turn where you extracted, so I figured it was a bug with extract in general - not just dying breath and extraction. Good to know.