Early Game Resource Scarcity

Note: I have started a lot of new save files in Siralim 2. (Probably foolish of me, but I enjoy playing through the early game different ways and trying different approaches.)

My understanding is that when he level of your highest creature is significantly higher than the enemies that you are fighting, that you get dramatically reduced resources from winning the fight. This is perfectly reasonable, and I am all for rewarding players for attempting challenging content.

However, for new players, early in the game, I believe that there is a natural tendency to:
A) Explore fairly thoroughly. After all, hitting 500 Favor with a god is awesome and gives you a cool new creature, and who knows when you will be back in this realm – wouldn’t want to miss any Favor things to click on.
B) Switch out one creature at a time from your party. You get a new creature, he looks cool, let’s try him out. Also, it is natural for players to have a favorite creature that they never want to swap out.

These two tendencies lead naturally to your favorite creature (who is almost always in your party) getting far ahead in XP of the monsters you are fighting. This makes resources VERY scarce early game. (Particularly, Brimstone and Crystal which are used for both Creature summoning and Artifacts)

In my first couple save files for Siralim 2, I noticed that resource scarcity significantly delayed my ability to play around with different party compositions (due to limited ability to summon new creatures) and the artifact system.

In my most recent save file, I went out of my way to change out large numbers of creatures at once. (That is, level to the point where my creatures are far ahead of the enemy level, then use breeding, summoning, and free god creatures to swap to an entirely new party which is much lower level.) This approach gave me a LOT more resources early game and made this save file significantly more enjoyable for me during the early game.

Note: This is only an early-game concern. Once you get into the high 20’s for Realm Depth, Enemy level starts going up fast, and you are likely doing more breeding and it is much less likely that any of your creatures will end up significantly higher than the monster level.

Bottom Line: I think it is natural for many new players to play the game in a way that makes the early game less fun.

I would suggest one (or both) of the following:

  1. Put an NPC somewhere in the castle that tells players that your highest level creature (relative to the enemy level) determines how many resources you receive after a battle. (Note: I believe it is enemy level that matters not realm depth right? … The two are the same for the first 20-ish levels)

Such an NPC could make it easier for players to learn to play more optimally.

  1. Provide some bonus resources as a reward from several of the early-game Castle Quests.

Such bonus resources could make the early game more fun even if a player is playing very sub-optimally

This (in addition to your other post about artifacts) is absolutely awesome feedback - thank you! I’m going to release the resource balance patch later today, so we’ll see if resources are still an issue for players, particularly early on. I purposely balanced the resources so that each one has a few uses early in the game, while they also have a use in the late-game when the early-game stuff starts to become obsolete.

Agree with the ideas. Somebody a little while ago suggested swapping resources at a 2:1 or 3:1 loss, which I thought would also take care of this problem.

If I may also offer a similar idea… I look care of the brimstone shortage early on by giving my best weapons +Brimstone. However, I was always short on Crystal, because I never got any Shards of Crystal materials. I always used the Crystal Dwarf minigame if I was short just a bit, which gives me the idea… why don’t you give an occasional +Resource material away with the dwarf games? That way, people who play a certain dwarf game a lot can eventually get a long-term boost in that resource.

I would like to suggest that summoning change to 1000 of brimstone, crystal, essence and granite instead. Breeding new creatures is a major part of this game but it seems so heavily loaded on having brimstone and crystals.