Early Reviews are Important

If the game makes a good first impression on you, please consider leaving a quick positive review. (You really don’t need to say much)

Having a critical mass of positive early reviews causes Steam to recommend the game more often to random people and increases visibility. Therefore, early reviews can have a noticeable impact on the long-term success of a game.

It only takes a minute to leave a positive Steam review. Thanks!

I put up a thumbs up and a quick funny note but I haven’t gotten that far into the game. I think if I put up any more it might feel negative because I’m bad at the game. It really deserves a try though.

Not really a “review”, but i wrote an article on my blog (in french) : http://jeux1d100.net/blog/2016/06/siralim-2-jeune-monstre-cherche-partenaire-pour-accouplement-et-plus-si-affinite/