Ease up on aggro on low health creatures

It seems like enemy monsters have almost a 100% chance to attack the lowest health/defense creature on my team if my Stronghold is not provoking. Often if one gets hit once it spirals to death with guaranteed targeting; even if I try to provoke with others (assuming this is happening while my Stronghold is dead/incapacitated). I assume this is intentional and meant to emphasize the importance of a tank; but it basically forces you to use Taunt, a Pegasus, or a Stronghold, as it often precedes over regular provoking. It makes using a new creature a nightmare as it often takes 90% of the enemy’s attacks, and I imagine it totally breaks Reincarnation mode as a creature will get focused to death more and more as it keeps reincarnating due to that.

It often leads to me casting Stone Skin to take the pressure off an important creature - not to reduce the damage it takes, but to manipulate the AI. That doesn’t seem right at all. I don’t mind if the targeting is biased to my low health creatures; but at this point a creature having low health or defense pulls more aggro than a creature trying to provoke.

If you know the computer’s target priority, manipulate it. Give everybody a health buff except for, say, a Thunderheart Phoenix, or a Stardust Amaranth. Or use a tank with Steadfast Resilience as an enchant (or Stronghold if you can’t get legendary materials easily yet). Bring in one of the perfect tanks - Mummy Lord, Shadowdancer, Pegasi.

You won’t be having problems with normal attacks for long, trust me.

I feel the same way as vagrant on this, as the game wants/needs to be at least some challenge. A player would do it, why can’t they?
I will say however, that I think what jamosup is trying to get at its that this makes many tanks significantly less viable or worth using at all. Provoking is so severally reliable and when a creature is low health provoking means almost, if not completely, nothing. I see his point that finding some way, perhaps by making provoke a little more effective for tanks, to give more team compositions viability and more tanks useful than the 5-10 “necessary” tanks. If a tanks purpose is to keep heat off of your other creatures and they can’t do that due to the game mechanics, that’s not really a good thing.

Yeah, the player can choose who to attack every turn, so it’s not unfair for the AI to be smarter. It’s mostly just annoying when you have a new creature who’s at a level where they’re useful, but still draw most attacks, and after reading some stuff, I can see it being a big issue in Reincarnation mode as well. I’ve been using a Stronghold for this reason; reliability, though on occasion they get killed (usually just by taking too much damage, but Stone sucks big time, and once a Skeleton Sniper instantly killed it from 100% HP and causing me to wipe; that was infuriating rather than feeling like I made a mistake.).

I may be exaggerating how poorly provoking (when not perfect) works when an ally’s HP/defense is low since it was so frustrating to see one of my other creatures take a hit and spiral to death, but it feels like at best it’s 50-50 with someone provoking and 95-5 without. I’m at least working on a nether Stronghold with a purple nether orb and 3 ruby activations + 25 rubies; that should help a lot :slight_smile: