Efficient Arena Lineup

Greetings to Thylacine and my fellow Siralim mage players!

I need some tips to make it thru the 100-Streak Arena Win. Currently I am a level 200+ Sorcery Mage and I have them on my team:

First Row:

Iron Golem (Left) (level 284 Normal) (Legendary enchantment skill: Topaz attunement)
Iron Golem (MIddle) (level 132 Nether) (Legendary enchantment skill: Tricks of the Trade)
Iron Golem (Right) (level 284 Normal) (Legendary enchantment skill: In Plain View)

Second row:

Shogun (Left) (level 284 Normal) (Legendary enchantment skill: Ancestral Spirit)
Siren Oracle (MIddle) (level 284 Normal) (Legendary enchantment skill: A Little Piece of Hell)
Unicorn Vivifier (Right) (level 284 Normal) (Legendary enchantment skill: Nature’s Blessing)

So far, I was able to manage to get a 20-Arena streak. I noticed that the monsters I encounter seem to be “programmed to counter” my monsters, their skills and legendary enchantment skills. For example, before I got the new Legendary enchantment skills for my first row monsters (I have changed my older skills to fit the Arena), I don’t have “Tipsy” debuff on my team. But now, when I start my first round via the Arena, no matter what monsters I faced, my team ALWAYS have the Tipsy debuff.

I also am not in favor of my team’s HP NOT replenishing before the next round in the Arena. It IS unfair I’m sure. I only managed to survive a 15-Arena streak because all my creatures got Barrier, Shell, Mend, Rebirth and Grace all at the same time.

I am focusing on the Arena because I already have accomplished most of the achievements and in-game quests like Castle upgrades (no more pending as I speak).

More power to Thylacine and all Siralim mage players!

Monsters don’t have legendary enchants on their artifacts.

This limits them to one ability only. One of the best things I’ve found outside of straight up killing enemies is to heavily use Scorn. It shuts down enemy abilities, and if you target appropriately, it makes your job vastly easier. Facing an Omnipotent Deity for instance, can spell a quick game over. Apply Scorn, and they are nothing. Remember in Arena, you can’t counter these nasties with spells. Literally every artifact on my attackers will have a Scorn enchant. It’s a very powerful debuff. Stun is also extremely strong.

For Arena if you need your creatures to heal, consider something like Everything’s Gone / Raven Acolyte. It sets everything’s health to 65%, which means for the subsequent matchups, you’ll get to 65% even if your creatures are dead. It also means that your enemies are 65% as well, usually chopping off 1/3 of the work you need to do to kill them.

Why so many Iron Golems? For Arena, I would also consider ditching Unicorn Vivifier. When you win a round, your creature will be revived at 1HP for the next round. Using Everything’s Gone per above, you’ll get 65% health value.

You might also consider something like Infinite Lord + Final Oblation. If you put it in the row with your Topaz Attunement, you can hit everything for 35% of it’s maximum health (again, using Everything’s Gone) immediately by simply defending - and then it gets back up even stronger at 2x full health! With a Health Build on it as a Nether, the gains are insane.

You can also have TONS of fun with Cloak and Dagger. A Carver Shadowstalker with something like Crawl Through the Knives and a heal partner (or a demon ability to self-heal) will garner you wins regardless of the competition.

Hi mate! This IS REALLY very helpful and I appreciate all your notes highly :). Actually, I miscalculated things with regards to the Iron Golems. I thought at first that high HP + the Whetted Fists ability of my Iron Golems will help me in long battles, which proved wrong :frowning: My formula only worked really well in Realm battles but not in Arena battles. I like the idea of having the Raven in m lineup to counter the loss of HP from every Arena round. I had an Emerald Attunement-artifact too before, but I discarded it too. I realized it is very important esp. with those creatures with Provoke or the Charge skill of a Minotaur.

Anways, I will follow your pointers and try pushing on the Arena win streak once more.

Thank you and more power!

I love using Iron Golem. I found Fallen Carnage’s Midnight Feast Ability to be THE perfect ability for IG. It enables him to take multiple turns while simultaneously beefing up his attack. Putting the right attack boosts the help him out, you will have a real force to be reckoned with. Here is my IG Arena team to give you some ideas. No nether demons used:

  1. Top Row:

a) Iron Golem w/ Midnight Feast (from Fallen Carnage) - give him an all ATK artifact w/ Proficient buff
b) Disease Crafter w/ Dark Braze (from Dark Brim Smith) - needs to go ahead of IG to give him that +15% ATK before his first turn. Give this guy an all ATK artifact w/ Proficient as well.
c) Lich Hellacaster w/ Topaz Attunement (from Topaz Paragon) - when IG gets a kill, his attack will go up by 55%! (25% from Whetted Fists and 30% from Sacrimony)

  1. Bottom Row

a) Brownie Captain w/ Lifebinder (from Volatile Phoenix) - Another IG booster. Needs to be in the same column. (+30% ATK from Rally and +30% from Lifebinder if EVERYONE is alive)
b) Bone Reaper w/ Everything’s Gone (from Raven Acolyte) - Cancels out enemies’ annoying death procc abilities and lower everyone’s health to make the first IG kill much easier.
c) Infinite Lord w/ Chrysaor’s Ambition (from Pegasus) - Keep people alive and buy time for IG to boost his attack and get a kill chain going

This is a gambler’s team not made for long fights - KILL OR BE KILLED! You’re basically putting all your eggs into the Iron Golem basket and praying he wipes out the enemy team within the first 2 turns. Fighting a Scourge Mummy will speed up the death timer. And fighting a Scourge Mummy + Mutant Swampdweller will take out IG after his first kill. So in that case, I would just defend until the Blight debuff wears off. To avoid that mess altogether, just replace Bone Reaper’s second ability w/ In Flames (from Volcanic Efreet).

Very sad that Intimidation does not work with the Arena :frowning: But at least I do not have to worry about dedicating a slot to Curse of the Silent.