Egg guy can't see my gems, won't make an egg

Trying to make a nether Dryad, but the egg demon guys in the realms keep telling me I don’t have any matching core/gem combos, which is ridiculous. In addition to having 22 lvl 10 gems for that Dryad, I have 4 cores. The gems match the dryad core type, I’ve checked several times. What do I do? I really worked hard to get all 22 gems leveled all the way. This is annoying.

Have you “Activated” your Nether Orb?

7 activations, all full.

Have you enchanted all your gems? They need to be ruby/topaz/etc, not just a lvl 10 gem.

In fact, gems don’t even need to be level 10, it’s just that it would be kind of a waste to make a Nether out of low-levelled gems. They just need to be enchanted, and you don’t even need to use the maximum number of gems (only the maximum number of activations) so I guess you could make a really bad Nether with only one enchanted gem with no corresponding activation.

You probably knew that, but it was just to make it perfectly clear.