elaborate on more combat mechanics [especially 0 (miss)]

recently i get a lot of 0 in nether realms (even though the creatures im fighting are lower lvl than my own and have way less lvl/gene str than in normal realms where i still hit more often) and im really wondering how and why.
im still not sure why its 0 now instead of miss which just seems more confusing to me as id assume 0 damage shows when an enemy is immune to my damage type or spells/attacks.
im aware dodge is something different but i get dodge as in i can see a dodge stat in my creature perks, a hit chance though i havent seen or heard anything about, is it completely random? is it dependant on a stat? (if so pls add it to the library description of that stat) is it something else entirely?
i would really love an explantion on that.

and just in general a little more detailed library explanations would be great like for example speed “increases damage with attacks slightly” i was told it was 1/4 in siralim so i assume its the same but knowing would be great. guide to combat under attacking doesnt even mention that theres any bonus from speed while attacking. not that im saying write a complete playthrough guide into the library but just it feels like i still dont know all of the basic game rules after 100h playtime and encountering something i just dont understand (like hitting 0 for about 80% of my attacks) is quite frustrating.

the 0 damage is because you didnt penetrate his defenses.

Class shield combined with high defense can lead to that as an example.

that really cant be it because the same creature will hit 0 for a few times and then deal damage if its shield + high def that shouldnt happen.
might be that thats supposed to be the reason but then theres something buggy there.

I have to agree that I wish there was more information than just a 0. Unless the only reason for getting a 0 is too high of defense? Does resist only show up if the creature’s defense is too high as well?

You should only be getting 0 if the enemy’s Defense is high relative to your Attack. (Typically raising your Attack or casting spells to reduce Defense are how you deal with 0).

Previous versions of the game said “Miss” instead of Zero, but Zack decided that Zero was more clear than Miss. (If you would like to argue that the game should go back to saying Miss instead of Zero, that is fine, we are still on early access :-> )

If you are getting 0 with a super high attack creature, that could be a bug.

well, no if thats how its supposed to work then 0 is definitly more clear than (miss).
still feels a little weird as the same creature will sometimes hit 0 and later deal damage (and im quite certain iv seen that happening without a crit).
also im getting 0 where id usually just kill with one attack.
knowing how its supposed to work at elast helps though and ill just take notes and if it feels like its off report it in the bugs section.

my main point still stands though: a little more information into game mechanics would be great.
for example the dodge creature perk 1% dodge per rank 100 ranks, zack said though theres a hardcap on dodge.
why has dodgde more ranks than the cap and the cap isnt mentioned anywhere? even while i know there is some kind of cap i still dont know how many points into dodge would actually have any effect.
i could go on with some more examples but i bet you could too, i just feel the game would profit from letting the player have some more information mainly about game/combat mechanics.

Pretty sure its a multiplier for dodge not an addition. So 100% doubles its normal chance.

well thats still far from enough information.
whats a creatures base dodge chance? does it multiply dodge from grace? and what about the independent dodge chance from call of the harvest trait?
does grace add to base dodge or is it an independent layer of dodge as well?
its really no point though to go argue my specific points as what im saying is: more information available about game mechanics would be great id really enjoy
to be able to make informed decisions instead of guesswork and about infinite testing to try figure out how the mechanics work.